CentroamericaTV is back! but.....

A bunch of Internationals that were on Dish Network or that are still on Dish Network will be on DirecTV at the end of November.
That's what I thought too. When they removed it from Dish Network, they said it wasn't profitable for them so now it shows up on Directv. Hmmm......
This is excellent news. We dropped Dish Network when CentroamericaTV disappeared. I miss the satellite but we couldn't justify the expense with the channel gone. Central American countries are totally under represented in the US market, and I am really glad to see CentroamricaTV back. My wife is going to scream when I tell her that all her Costa Rican shows will be back. At least I hope it will be a similar format as before. I think I am going to wait for the show lineup before ordering. That will give me time to figure out where to get a good deal with DirectTV. This forum rocks for the latest info. Thanks all!
MMMm DirecTV = Scumbags.

I was a happy Dish Network user until CentroamericaTV was dropped. I don't blame Dish Network and never had any problems with them. I just want a Central American channel. If I have to go to Directv to get the programming that I want then that is what I have do.

Why do you say they are scumbags? Bad experience with them or what?

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