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Feb 15, 2009
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When I signed up for DirecTV about a year ago, they had the Free HD promotion going on. The offer stays valid if I keep auto billpay, paperless billing, and keep a minimum programming package of Choice Xtra (English) or Mas Ultra (Spanish). However, now that DirecTV has introduced the Entertainment package, it looks like they're offering free HD for new customers with that package. I have been thinking about downgrading my programming package to Entertainment, but only if I can keep my free HD offer. Otherwise, the price turns out to be pretty close to what I am paying now with the Choice Xtra. Has anyone successfully called in to a CSR and requested to keep their free HD offer by downgrading to the Entertainment package?


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Feb 27, 2012
The free HD with auto bill pay is an expired offer, meaning you cannot start it, but If you have it and have a few months left of it obviously you will keep it. If you change to the entertainment pack it might drop off. Not 100% sure on that, I haven't done it for anyone yet

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I was told the folks who got the free HD for 24 months (current subs at the time) the only requirement was auto pay.

New subs (within the last year and a half or so) usually have a base package requirement too
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