Channel Sharing and Duopolies

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  1. Here in the DC area Fox owns WTTG (PSIP Data 5.1) and WDCA (PSIP Data 20.1). They recently rebranded WDCA as "Fox 5 Plus". While it has been speculated that they will enter into a channel sharing agreement do they really need to? is there any disadvantage to just having more subchannels of WTTG?
  3. Not necessarily, but it's another asset that could, theoretically, be separately sold off some day that they couldn't sell off if they let the license go.

    - Trip
  4. Every subchannel added could support at least another 8 hours per day of commercials. The ones that don't have a particular affiliation are ripe for running hours of infomercials in addition to the commercials.

    My hope is that the mixing and matching will finally put a stake in the heart of 720p broadcast.
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