Channel Sharing (Non) News for the DC area

Peter Parker

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Sep 9, 2003
Well WDCA (virtual channel 20) finally filed for channel sharing with Co Fox owned WTTG (virtual Channel 5. The filing was last Thursday and it seems to have been approved already.

WDCA previously filed for a 90 extension of the deadline for shutting down their current transmitter.

This was expected for some time though some were wondering what was going on given the time it took them to file.
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WDCA surrendered their spectrum in the auction and indicated that they would channel share. It is pat of a duopoly with WTTG the Fox affiliate and the general assumption was always that they would channel share using WTTG's spectrum. However it took them some time to file and they even asked fro an extension of the deadlines for filing and implementing the agreement. That led some to speculate that thy might have another idea.----but as it turns out they are going with a channel share with WTTG after all.

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