TIVO Roamio OTA on 48 hour sale

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  1. The TIVO Roamio OTA is on sale today and tomorrow for $299 with lifetime service included.

    I am aware that some can build a cheaper system out of spare parts, but this is aimed at the less technical user. Plug it in, make 1 phone call and it works well.

    Note that this is the OTA model and will only work with an antenna. No cable or satellite systems support.
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  3. Actually, it's just a Roamio Basic with the cable card connector pulled out. Over on Tivo Community, they figured out where to buy the pcmcia cable card connector and how to install it. Then you can also use the OTA model for cable!
  4. Just bought a DVR+ for about that. But IT WORKS without an Internet connection, or a sporadic one, using PSIP.

    TiVOs require Internet, no?
  5. Yes. TiVo needs to connect to servers to update guide data at least once every 7-10 days. It does a daily connection to update of it has constant internet access.

    If I didn't have internet at the lake I was going to get a dvr+, but I had internet and the dvr+ was still buggy 2 years ago when I bought.
  6. I just bought one wholesale for $309 from my TIVO distributor.

    I can get the Bolts pretty cheap, but apparently everyone has a better deal on the OTA :(

    I got s deal going on with Comcast if you sign up for the triple play I can do the bolt plus for $350 when you sign up for a new account.
  7. Use mine more than my satellite receivers... Bought it during the black Friday sales.
    Mini's are on sale if still available till end of month I think.
  8. I have a mini. It is great as a second unit for the bedroom. Has all the features, just shares HD space with the main unit and steals a tuner from it.

    The problem with the BOLT is that they really jacked up lifetime service cost a year or so ago. Note that the sale was with lifetime.
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