Charlie Chat 2 hours long?


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May 28, 2004
The guide has it listed tomorrow from 9 pm to 11 pm.I wonder if this is a mistake.Have they ever had one that long?
They have a LOT of damage-control to do !! Lots of practice too of what they can say and can't say plus removal of ALL references to NPS.
Long talk

Have a feelin that Charlie has lots of "splain" to do. Plus once he is thru with the DNS problems will try to bring in news of new things. New HD channels and other features on the 622.
They are going to have Mini Me help translate like in those TV commercials. "It's my birthday; got my car fixed . . . ." However, the BIG announcement will be that Charlie Chat in 2007 will only be available on PPV for $99.99 unless you sign up for one of the new programming packages starting at $999.99, but you will need a new mpeg29 receiver and Dish 3000+. Special guest will be Borat explaining the delay of high def locals in Kazakstan.
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Scott, any insight on what they are really going to talk about tonight.
What they "really" will be talking about has nothing to do with customers (you know, the ones that made them billionaires) want to know. Just another hour+ of smoke and mirrors, and "wait until next year, or when the Cubs win the World Series (whichever comes first)" for some exciting new products and programming.
Scott, any insight on what they are really going to talk about tonight.

-we added locals in burnt cactus, AZ or nowheresville, MT
-we had to drop distants but go through our sist--whoops--this independent company called All American Direct to get distants
-we added some ethnics for our moo-goo-wanka-wanka customers. They're on the wings right now but in a month we'll move them to 118 so you need to upgrade but the dishes are 1 year backlogged
-save a tree....go paperless. Lets show you how
-save a stamp..go auto pay. Here's how

lets talk to someone who wasn't in the spotlight for 10 years and now they are part of a new show. You remember this person, right? (and talk to someone who was washed up in the 70's)

take a few slam dunk e-mails
maybe take a couple phone questions (hey, Charlie's deoderant has to get put to use sometime during the show..might as well be during a couple of phone calls)

all of which Charlie will turn to someone else to answer since one of the questions will be "when will you be adding more _______________ (ethnic...insert language here) channels"
I hope they say something about local on the 8's and when it might be coming.They should at least give us an estimate of when it might be up.

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