Charter rebanding Sports Channels

Not going to happen. The only Spectrum News channel that airs on a system that is not Charter owned is NY1. Altice (fka Optimum fka Cabelvision) carries NY1 on their NYC area systems, and I'm guessing that's only because NY1 has been around forever and has been a staple of the NYC news scene. The Spectrum News channels are basically on a loop and all follow the same format. It really is nothing special. Before the merger, the Time Warner News channel carried a live local high school football game every Friday night, I don't think they do that anymore.
The linked article doesn't suggest that Spectrum Sports will move beyond Charter service areas. Where are you getting that idea?

Charter bought the LA cable franchise when they acquired TWC so the job posting doesn't support your theory at all.
CCI Lenexa has tryed to get Sprectumsportskc in it's Lineup but a high price to add it at moment. Also they will let any provider add Metro Weather aka Sprectrum Weather if they want to. TV Man's site had story on it that said Job opening for LA Channel and other Charter changes lincluding Netflix to Boxes. Charter's area's don't include Olathe and Independence Comcast but they will be getting channel because already have channel.
The Channel thats rebanding Sprectrum Sports but no Sprectrum Sports KC 2 on those Lineups yet.
There are words missing from your explanation.

Are they adding a KC channel (not a rebrand) or replacing the national channel in the KC area with a KC focused channel (a rebrand)?

A KC-only channel may not be as attractive as a national channel so it isn't entirely reasonable to assume that the other providers would pick it up (or keep it as the case may be).

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