Charter Wisconsin - No NHL Center Ice?


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Jun 5, 2005
I called to order the NHL Center Ice package today, and was told that it was not offered in my area. They said Charter was not going to carry it at all, but then at the last minute decided to. However, there are two "zones" that would not be excluded from this, and I'm one of them.

Thank you again for screwing me out of programing.


Jackson, Wi
20mi N of Milwaukee
dont blame the cable company cuz nhl center ice is not available. Blame those in your area who have not subscribed in the past few years. Did you know that the NHL and in Demand charge the cable provider a certain amount to carry this programming in each area? So whether 3 or 300000 subscribe provider still has to pay the same amount. So whos getting screwed here?
Its the same kind of thing here is St Louis. We get the NHL center ice, but we cant get the NBA package because there is lack of interest. Personally I think if you have a certain level of cable service, the NHL should be giving away their product after everything that happened last year. They need to get people watching their sport.

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