Cheap Alternative to DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

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Apr 18, 2005
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SRL once again offers our own NFL package, consisting of Netlink ABC and CBS, PT24 ABC and CBS, ESPN, and KDVR. This Year the season is a little longer, as there are more Pre-Season games starting in August and then Regular Season begins in Sept. ending in January. So this year we'll offer these packages on a 5 month basis. There are 4 different configurations of these services they are as follows:

NFL05_Full_PAK $129.99 Contains all services
NFL05_NO_ESPN $114.99 Contains all services except ESPN
NFL05_NO_NTLINK $109.99 Contains all services except Netlink ABC and CBS
NFL05_NO_PT24 $109.99 Contains all services except PT24 ABC and CBS

These packages are now available for sale and begin immediately and run for 5 months from start date.
Games will be determined by individual networks and are subject to blackouts.

StarChoice is also a cheaper alternative.
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