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  3. This would have been more helpful

    Cheddar is a live and on demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives. The network covers this news through the lens of the companies and executives driving these changes. Cheddar broadcasts live daily from Post 10 on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Marketsite, and the Flatiron Building.
  4. Also Lifehacks DRTV a Paid Programming Channel has added a lot of new channels like KRFT it replaced second RTN and so on.
  5. The Kansas area must like duplicates. Randomly scanning though, I notice there are two This TVs.

    KMJC-LD and WDAF-TV.
  6. Yes and no Cable Provider have picked it back up other then Google Fiber 4.3 and small provider E. Springs KCKS-LD Channels.
    Have 7 out of 8 Full Power allowed and KUKC is the only at the moment other then Low Power station that has Daystar Network that has no Digital Sub Channels and KSMOTV will at sometime point will get back one or even more.
  7. I think this is going to depend mightily on how fast the broadcasters want to get going on ATSC 3.0. If they're truly serious, I reason that they'll probably forego adding subchannels in favor of grouping stations together on DTV channels and using the surrendered channels to add ATSC 3.0 simulcasts.

    Sure, there are markets that have plenty of room to add channels but those aren't the markets that bring the eyeballs that networks need to get established and harvest large-scale advertising dollars.
  8. Isn't ATSC 3 included in the 2018 Edsel?

    "Fast" and "ATSC 3" don't belong in the same sentence.
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  9. There's no better time than the repack to set it up.

    On the other hand, repack and fast may be mutually exclusive.
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