OTA Antenna Recommendations?

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  1. Hi I sub to Frontier Cable but have had various ota antennas to supplement my tv reception.
    I am looking for a compact yet solid unit, stationary, directional preferably able to mount on a small mast such as a j mount, on the outside of my roof.
    I bought a View TV wa-2608, which was cheap and actually not that bad but I hate the rotator feature and the antenna doesn't tighten securely on to the short mount I bought. Will likely return, it also is real tough to aim and lock in to the few ota tv signals I can get from Htfd and Nh areas (CT) which are about 25-35v miles from there transmitters.
  3. RCA ANT751R would be my suggestion. It's tried and true for me in several different applications. Can be had for less than $50 at Lowes. I have it mounted on a J Pole like you want to do, and it has held up through wind, hail and snow. I use it in combination with the RCA TVPRAMP1Z.

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  4. I'll put my 2 cents in for Mediasonic Homeworx HW-27UV $28.28 with free shipping on ebay 80 mile range. I'm using it at 63 miles with good results.
  5. Maybe post up a TvFool report for your area and list what channels you're hoping to receive?

    I'm in northeast CT myself, there's some VHF channels WTNH, WEDN, and quite a few UHF.

    I use a Winegard 8200 (not compact) right now. In the past, I used a DB2 and it worked well, even though a UHF ant. It pulled in WTNH, VHF, 61 miles from here.

    Here I have to use a pre-amp, with no amp, the only channels that come in are WFSB, WCCT, Ion, PBS and NBC. With the pre-amp, quite a few more. My pre-amp is a now discontinued winegard, don't remember the model. I tried a CM 7777 and that was a piece of junk.
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  6. Don't make us go through hoops to look up details about the stations you want to receive. Tell us specifically what you're after. The tvfool.com table that . Raine refers to is a very good start. Copy the table to your clipboard and paste it into a reply.
  7. Post your TVFOOL report here, so we have something to go on, otherwise it's pure guessing, and that gets expensive quickly. Use your EXACT home address, not just zip code. It'll mask it when you post it, so you don't have to worry about people knowing where your house is. Here's the link: http://tvfool.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29
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  8. So my desire would be to get WZME/ch.43 and WTNH/CH.8 and/or WCCT/Ch.20, thus far with tv view wa-2658 I have only been able to lock in to one or the other, i.e I can lock in wzme but I loss partially or entirely ch. 8, 30 or 20.
    I have used this tool in the past but didn't know you could share the results like this!
    I wonder if a more multi directional might serve me better they seem to have a shorter range and some are on VHF. My only VHF I am likely to get is wtnh. So I am appreciative of specific antenna recommendations!
  9. You're in a tricky spot with signals coming from several different directions. You probably need an antenna with a rotor. A preamp is a must!

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  10. Yikes, your report is nasty! Lower signal strengths, and almost everything is "2edge". That means the signal bounces off of TWO things (mountain ridges, etc) before it even gets to your house. You'll need extreme measures to get anything usable, and that likely won't be 24/7/365


    WZME is UHF RF channel 42, but WTNH is VHF RF10 (meaning you need a VHF antenna, the small uhf patch antennas won't work for this at all). WCCT is RF20 UHF again, but such a low signal, even harder to get than the rest.

    That antenna you bought is being hyped up to sell, but is not very good at all, but may work better on just UHF, as it's too small for VHF reception.

    You will need an outside antenna on a tower or tall mast pipe for sure. Try running the TvFool report at different heights, just to see what happens. Try it at 100 feet high, and see if any of your signals go to LOS. If they do, try lower and lower until they go back to "2Edge" and let us know what height that is. If they don't even at 100 feet, forget it and stay with cable or streaming.
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  11. Unfortunately, it appears that in his current location he would have to exceed 100 ft agl. in order to achieve 1 edge reception of channels 43.1 and 8.1 alone, LOS reception is in the vicinity of 140 ft for channel 8.1.

    At 65 ft (a reasonable tower height) the top 6-8 channels are receivable even at 2 edge reception, but as has been mentioned, a strong antenna and a good pre-amp will be necessary for stability's sake.

    At 35 ft signal on channel 10 is 1/2 of the level at 65 ft but still receivable, the weaker channels do not suffer quite the drop off, so first I would try a guyed mast at 35 ft if results are not satisfactory then we consider the 65 ft tower.
  12. 65 foot tower 'reasonable'? lol. I guess compared to 140 feet. Even that 65 feet is at least $1,500 to have installed with today's costs. IF you can even find a local company that's still doing OTA antenna installs.

    It's also a big job for somebody that's never done one before, if they wanted to try it on their own.
  13. am looking at the Yagi style UHF antenna, HDB91X - specs claim it has a signal bean width of 60 degrees, not sure whether or not that antenna could take on the winegard in-line amp or not, as the antenna states it already yields an amplified signal strength but I believe I could add that. Would try on a mast at a height of only like 35-38' approx.
    I can abandon wtnh via VHF and aim at WVIT (57deg. true azimuth) and maybe also get WZME Ch.43 @ 105 degrees under ideal weather etc. I have had fairly good luck with picking up WVIT and WZME in the past even post DTV in 09 .
    You all are correct in saying I am in fringe territory. I am too far from NYC and borderline from NH and Htfd area signal sources.
    So distance, topography etc. are not inn my favor, plus some chs. are competing and bleeding over such as WFSB, per DTV I used to be able to receive it normally, in fact for a while I would get its sister station out of Springfield, ma.

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  14. WZME is going to be moving to a lower frequency at some point because of the repack so you'll have to see where that goes. WCTX, WRNN and WEDW are going to be moving as well so things will be rather dynamic in the next few years.

    Your's isn't the worst report I've seen, but it is right up there.
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  15. Oh boy, well maybe any future changes might improve my set up?
    What do you mean by "repack" by the way?
  16. See this thread
  17. I suggest a winegurd HD8200u if you are looking to get WTNH CHANNEL,8 wich is
    Low vhf and you have a lot of hi vhf,and then you have uhf all so. and a cm- 7777
    Amp and u should be able too get channels .out of springfield ma wwlp,22,which is
    Hi vhf,&WGGB,40,which is a uhf channel,good luck be safe and look out for the power
    Line's, yes that!! 91xg is one he'll of an antenna but it's only uhf,in ct,&mass have a lot of
    Uhf/hi,vhf,and a hand full of low,vhf,
  18. So there is no confusion from your posting of incorrect information, WTNH broadcasts on RF channel 10 so it is actually near the middle of the VHF high band.
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  19. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry about that no one perfect and why don't you get off my back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND YES 8200u Is the way to go if you are going to buy an antenna
    The Fcc suggest it you won't to receive OTA buy a good quality
    Uhf/vhf outdoor tv antenna witch is HD8200u,if you are going to do
    an outdoor tv antenna I believe in doing it right the first time.
    In,ct&mass,or I have used the 91xg works nice but it's only uhf,
    With a cm-7777 I received 69'.1 ion witch was at location back
    In 2014,from Springfield ma to provide road iland witch was 80
    Miles away from that location I had a single of70%no dropouts
    In heavy rain or snow fall but enough of that and then I went to
    Hi vhf witch worked well I received 17,hi but channels,that was
    All good but if I wanted to receive both vhf/uhf but to do that
    I had to have 2antennas to do the job ensted of just one antenna.
    So I did my home work,look into the HD8200u and it's
    The bes of the best so that is why I say one antenna and receive it all
    Hi&low,good for a 100miles, and uhf and I also asked Rabbit ears
    About the 8200u with the cm-7777 and don't forget about the F M fillter
    Rg6,solid 18gage copper center,and a good grund on the antenna azz
    Well and one rotor to complete your antenna set up.do it once.!!!!
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