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  1. Finished installing and setting up my new Tablo OTA DVR today. Wondering about the differences between the free and the $5 per month guide. If anyone here has had experience with and is familiar with both, I would really appreciate your input. I have the $5 one free for a month, but I will have to decide whether to keep it or just use the free version after the month is up. Would really like to hear any and all opinions. And so far, I really like the Tablo. This completes the next step towards my "cord cutting". Only thing left to do is to dump
    DTV. But I am paid up through April. And I am perfectly happy with PS Vue so far.
  3. This page on the Tablo site seems to sum it up pretty well:

    One day of guide data is a downer as is the inability to automatically record a series (this is a biggun during baseball and basketball seasons).

    If you record series, I would imagine that the Series Info feature would be an imperative at this point in the season when shows are taking vacations and/or showing reruns.
  4. Thanks harsh. That web page pretty much covers it. Probably saw it previously while researching the Tablo, but guess that I didn't digest it all. The most important thing for me is whether or not a show is new or a repeat. Still have to play with it more to really get the feel for it. Watched my first recorded show yesterday, and it worked great. Just counting the days now til DTV will be a thing of the past for me.
  5. Episode details (season and first-run date) appear to be exclusive to the subscription product.
  6. Seems that the free trial version is only one day and not the longer version that is supposed to be part of the "pay for" product. Not a big deal for me though.
  7. Thanks for this thread and info. I might replace my DVRPal and this would not be a good choice.
  8. I'd be happy to help anyone with questions on TABLO, I've had mine for a couple years now, upgraded from two tuner to four, and for the most part, it's quite nice, and a savings over other options, with no "year long" commitment. Been meaning to review the unit, just never seem to get the time!
  9. Given the relative "newness", a functional review may be the best thing you can offer. The entry price seems to have made the Tablo a bit of an also-ran to re-purposed computers or Roamio OTAs with lifetime.
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