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    KCJO-LD is name of CBS St. Joesph,MO.
    KQML-LD is licensed to Kansas City area to but in Topeka DMA but Topeka lots of other Channels that have nothing yet same with Columbia,MO.
    KQKC-LP new to Topeka.
  3. KCJO is the third station to be owned by the News-Press Company. The station launches on June 1: http://www.newspressnow.com/profiles/news-press-now/article_4d0b63f9-d2d4-59dc-aabd-86ef3f8c8e90.html

    KQML is owned by DTV America. Since it's physical channel assignment is 46, and is currently not broadcasting, I'm betting it's doubtful we ever see it come online due to the repack.

    KQKC is currently licensed to Hosanna Apostolic Ministries Broadcasting, which I assume is a religious organization.

    I am extremely skeptical about KCJO's ability to cover any significant part of St Joseph, especially the south side, as KPXE broadcasts on the same channel (30) with 1000kw, only 67 miles away. I would think that would cause significant interference!

    I will drive up there with my equipment and do some tests when it comes online and post my results here.

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  4. KBJO know but KCJO would still have been a good name if channel was between KC and St. Joseph.
    Springfield,MO has lot of future channels one is KYCW a Regilous Channel and other DTV America Channels.
  5. OH it's back to call letters KCJO.
    What does KOIB need?
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