changes made after KADN/KLAF buyout made official

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    Approximately 1 year after Nexstar Media Group Sold former ComCorp flagship station KADN/KLAF to Bayou City Broadcasting for 40 million, Nexstar had spent over 1 million building a news team for KLAF (after it turned from MNTV to NBC July 1 2015). Bayou City Broadcasting announced that April 3rd they revamped (remodeled) the news room that KLAF had (Acadiana's KLAF). and changed it to "news 15". The website is no longer available and is back to The Acadiana's KLAF slogan was dropped and 15.2 and KLAF 46.1 (the lp station) is just NBC programming and ACADIANA TODAY is on 5-7 AM weekdays, the PM news is 5, 6, 10 on weekdays and NOW on Weekends just at 10:00 pm. KADN has news from 5-9 am weekdays and 9pm daily. However from KADN fb page I received a message that KLAF-LD 46.1 is going nowhere for awhile but EVENTUALLY will go dark at a later date. NOW it would be cool if BCBL would sell it to someone but at least we keep the NBC.

    An email from a BCB supervisor stating "
    I believe 46.1 may continue until we get notice from the FCC that a new wireless operator is ready to use that frequency. The FCC may open a filing window to voluntarily relocate LPTV channels. At any rate NBC will continue to be broadcast on the air in this market."

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