Sinclair & MGM to launch new subchannel

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  1. One more competitor for the limited bandwidth!!!
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  2. Sinclair channels aren't treated very well in my market (Portland, OR). There are six channels on two frequencies and the subchannels look pretty emaciated.

    The description makes it sound suspiciously like Grit.
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  3. Just dilutes the available programming like cable. I think Magnificent Seven and In the Heat of the Night were just on ThisTv and GetTv or Grit.
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  4. and soon you get the friends 24/7 channel :)
  5. Wonder what Sinclair is going to drop over the air to fill in with this one
  6. My thought exactly.

    They also have "TBD" already planned for a launch soon also.

    Even though they seem to have a lot of MyNetworkTV, ABC or other stations they are only 720P main subchannel, they have a decent amount of stations with NBC 1080i main subchannels.

    Like my station has NBC, MeTV, Comet, and GRIT.

    Obviously GRIT probably will be dropped and given to the Nexstar station but would they really shove MeTV, Comet, TBD, and Charge! all in?

    I can't imagine them getting cable carriage for all these channels either.
  7. Your right.....Then remember GetTV is another one on a lot of Sinclair owned too. ASN not too bad they're only on a few Sinclair station...will be interesting to see how all that's gonna fit on one station
  8. They're both on Get for sure.....In The Heat of the Night runs for 4 hours a day sometimes...
  9. Carol O'Connor was good but man In Heat of the Night is everywhere.

    THIS, GetTV, WGN America (Yes I know Cable not OTA), and now Charge!

    What networks need to air more of with Carol O' Connor is "Archie Bunker's Place".

    That's the Carol O'Connor show everybody keeps asking for on social media to the diginets.
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  10. Though I just got to thinking.

    If Sinclair would permit TBD and Charge! to have an online stream just like Comet, I could see me "forgiving" them a little for constantly ruining my MeTV experience with games. (I don't mind people seeing games but don't like it on top of my viewing).

    At least then I would not even have to care what channels get carried here on cable.

    The Sinclair station is the only one I can be receive via OTA, but it's so much more drama than just adding it to my ClearQAM tuners.

    At least I could throw TBD and Charge! in Kodi or other media players.

    I'm not sure about Charge! but TBD looks like it could be somewhat interesting.

    EDIT: I just found this statement from

    "Charge will be available for streaming via web and mobile platforms as well."

    I can go for that.

    I know Comet is higher quality online than my local OTA station.
  11. It has to be better than NBC puking out Law & Order on all of their channels.
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  12. I just found an article saying TBD will also be streaming.

    At least Sinclair actually cares to have online streams for their channels.

    I really wish there was a way for all diginets to be able to.

    I wouldn't have the insanity of hoping my cable co decided to do a carriage agreement.

    Also I could watch diginets I don't have in my area like The Justice Network and Buzzr.

    Or even ones in my area not on cable like Escape and Laff.

    I wouldn't even care if they loaded the websites up with ads everywhere, I just would like more content without hoping a local station has room.
  13. Heck might be better for the both of us if this one goes online streaming also.
  14. Archie Bunker and Archie Bunker's place is on Family Net which was supposed to take over my religions ota channel but nothing has come of it yet....
  15. Available on Crackle for free.
  16. WUCW in The Twin Cities will replace Get/Grit for Charge and TBD
  17. I do not think KATU will be dropping anything to add Charge!. According to their CE, they got new equipment to add Get TV back, but KOIN got it first. The engineer told me last year, 2.4 was coming, but no info on what channel. Right now, the lineup at KATU-Portland
    2.1 KATU ABC 720p
    2.2 METV 720p
    2.3 The Comet 480i

    I guess they can run two 720p channels as well as two SD channels without too much loss. Both KATU and METV look pretty sharp. The Comet looks fine for SD here.
  18. I wish they add more Three Company's show on Antenna!!:clapping Got 2 good looking gals.... Don't care for Heat of The Night.:p

    Here in Albuquerque we got some more room on several stations.:hungry2
  19. They had three's company on so much I couldn't stand rather have the heat of the night.