Sinclair & MGM to launch new subchannel

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  1. No translator out here for 32 unfortunately, so no Antenna TV or THIS. But I can find a channel on my big dish that runs THIS. I would love to have Antenna TV, but no luck. Even their satellite signal is scrambled.
  3. Other Sinclairs got them to like KRCG.
  4. TBD is already up and running with programming on KUNS 51.2 in Seattle.
  5. Charge! is set to launch March 1st. The website is up ( but all it is, is their logo. I assume Grit and Get will hit the road in some markets. WUCW 29 CW Twin Citys website already has everything set up as Charge and TBD will replace Grit and Get. All this time I bragged on Sinclair.....I'd keep Charge but TBD, nah....

    TBD already launched in several markets besides this guy's Seattle affiliate above...
  6. Mostly so far Sinclair stations and one Nexstar.
  7. I see we have TBD in Tulsa on KTUL 8.4 now. Now idea when it was added. Looks like they may still be working on it. It has no psip data on the tv or my Pal DVR and also no sound when using the Pal. The tv is showing it's a 16x9 480i with Dolby Digital sound but the Pal apparently doesn't like something in the stream.
  8. WLUK-TV 11.3 in Green Bay, Wisconsin has TBD already up and running.
  9. What a waste of bandwidth TBD is. If Sinclair is bent on adding another subchannel to KTUL, hopefully they replace this junk with Charge next month instead.
  10. Checked tonight and nothing scans in on 2.4 Portland as yet. 1st is not that far off.
  11. WCWF 14.3 in Green Bay will be Charge on March 1st. 14.3 is up now running programming from 14.1. Doesn't surprise me being owned by Sinclair. Also saw commercial announcing it.
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  12. I also noticed that when I booted up my DTVpal recently.
  13. I am surprised how little is on the Charge! website.

    TBD's website was nearly complete weeks before the launch.

    I like how Sinclair uses m3u8 so I was able to load Comet, TBD, and soon Charge! into Kodi on my Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    I hope more networks do streaming because I enjoy OTA programming but it's so frustrating when you live in an area you can't get much via an antenna or want stations your market has no room for.
  14. The Charge website at is now up and running if anybody wants to take a glance.

    The Schedule claims there is no programming just "Sign Off" but the LiveStream is actually streaming some sort of programming.
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  15. Charge! came on the air in Green Bay, Wisconsin today on WCWF-TV 14.3.
  16. Will this channel air programs as well as movies? On the website it doesnt say anything about TV shows. Id rather if any new subchannels like this would air more recent programs from 90's/00's shows rather than most of them focusing on classic shows from 60s/70s/80s. I know they dont have rights for a lot of shows but there are lots of shows they could show. Some shows are on cable as well as in subchannels, how does this work?
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  17. Charge! has also launched here in the Philadelphia market on WTVE channel 51.2, replacing The Works. The Works appears to have gone off-air as others have reported the switch in their markets. Charge! is on the air in Los Angeles on KDOC and in Atlanta on WANN. Another viewer says they're watching Charge! in Fresno (KFAZ)
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  18. Charge' launched today on KJZZ 14.4 in the Salt Lake City-market. Older movies so far. Looks fun.
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  19. Checked the site for the Boston area and it said it is not available here. Checked the TV for changes and found out the Channel 62.3 (WMFP) is now Charge! they removed "The Works" channel. FYI.
  20. Looks like Sinclair is looking into the possibility of buying out Tribune Media (WGNO ABC 26 its longtime first big 3 affiliate, KTLA, WGN, WPIX etc).
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  21. Springfield,mo got it.
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