Sinclair & MGM to launch new subchannel

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  1. I thought Charge was going to have series as welL? All it seems to show so far is movies, also on its website it says it has sports entertainment.
  2. So far no Rocky or James Bond like the initial plans are. I see this one coming to Lafayette, La. soon
  3. Titan Broadcasting has dropped its affiliation with The Works and made a deal with Charge!, when The Works dissolved Mardi Gras Day (Feb 28). I'm sure some of yall knew that already.
  4. What do people think of Charge so far?It all seems very lacklustre so far. All the movies seem to be very old and I haven't heard of most. I also thought that it would have more series like In the Heat of the Night/The Magnificent Seven or programming like LAPD: Life on the beat. Also what happened to the Rocky movies and James Bond movies?
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  5. Charge! is very strange. I have not single TV show they claimed like In Heat of the Night.

    I do like seeing the LAPD: Life on the Street especially since my cable co isn't going to get Escape from my local Nexstar station.

    Sinclair loves acting like their diginets are so exciting but I haven't found anything exciting on Charge!, TBD, etc. "Because Science" on TBD isn't bad but I can load up my browser and watch it way more conveniently.

    I seriously hope Sinclair doesn't end up owning Antenna TV and This.

    It seems like it will seriously go downhill and I seriously don't want Ring of Honor wrestling on Antenna TV. LoL
  6. I imagine they don't have the rights for those shows yet from Sony and Katz showing them on GetTv and Grit. They'll probably show up in a few months
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  7. I noticed that This also has the rights to IHOTH so I don't know if Charge! has to wait until GetTV and This are both done.

    I am semi-surprised that two stations are doing the same show as in the diginet world there always seems to be exclusivity and usually only cable seems to have the same show spread across different networks.
  8. Yesterday, I watched the 1989 film "UHF" starring singer "Weird Al" Yankovic on the Charge! channel.
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  9. I saw that in the guide but didn't watch. Though I noticed This is also backed by MGM and I just find This much better. I seen Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, etc movies on there.
  10. The Green Bay area has yet to get ThisTV.
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  11. Bummer. It's not the greatest channel ever for someone like me who wants TV shows but at times it has shows like Highway Patrol and Sea Hunt.

    I don't know why my station WATM which had This since I believe 2011 but maybe 2010 took until Apr 2015 to get Antenna TV.

    I know that This and Antenna TV weren't sisters all that time but at least 2013-2015 we could have gotten it.

    I wanted Antenna TV ever since I seen it in NYC around 2011. For my viewing habits it's what I wished MeTV was with content.
  12. Other than Johnny Carson I don't watch much AntennaTv. I watched a lot of ThisTv until it was dropped here. Now I watch mainly GetTv, Grit, H&I, Create and occasionally Bounce, LAFF and IonLife.
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  13. There is actually an affiliate online who broadcasts This live but it's horrible quality.

    It seems to be KCTU-LD out of Wichita, KS.
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  14. Yes but this is for the Charge! station as TBD is Sinclair and other partners than MGM.

    Somewhere TBD has it's own thread but it seems TBD is less popular that Charge! right now.
  15. TBD can be described best this way: a YouTube-like experience on your TV set.
  16. Exactly.

    Though a Fire Stick, Roku, etc can do a much better job at that. LoL.

    I guess if an older audience watches it can help more popularize online content, but if young watch it, they probably already have ways to access YouTube.
  17. Does anybody know the likely hood of Sinclair replacing GRIT with Charge!?

    My station, WJAC still has GRIT (along with NBC, MeTV, & Comet) and I naturally assumed after reading this thread our GRIT would be replaced with Charge!.

    But after reading the ASN news, I'm beginning to think Sinclair would find it much more sense to give us the newly formed ASN because this is a decent sports area and we are close to Pittsburgh which has it's only ASN 24/7.

    My area loves Hockey, so the station would "pluck" a lot of the games from ASN and air them.

    It seems Sinclair is being somewhat secretive about what station will get which affiliation, but I doubt Sinclair would choose to keep GRIT especially since the Nexstar station (WTAJ) had plans to get it.