OTA Antenna Recommendations?

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  1. As long as you continue posting inaccurate information, you should expect (even hope) that someone will recognize your error and offer the correct information.
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  3. I use a 8200 here and it's a very good antenna, but it's also something like 11' x8', it's huge. Dfecarter said he wanted something compact, the 8200 is by no means small.

    Looked it up, not as big as I thought, 8'x6.5'. Still huge.
  4. Thank you for correcting bad posting by nascarken 91xg it would be nice if Scott would allow blocking posters of bad information. He even murders the English language.
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  5. Click on the username next to a post, and then click on "ignore".

    For what it's worth, I think he's trying to be helpful. He has made attempts to be more coherent. However, there's some sort of communication barrier that for whatever reason gets in the way. Perhaps he's not a English as first language speaker, like Richie Rich.
  6. Ignore doesn't eliminate the bad posts it just leaves a hole in the conversation where you have to guess what others are posting about...It looks more like he is texting instead of using correctly spelled words.
  7. Don't worry, it is not hard to guess when others are posting about more unintelligible gibberish.
  8. so I ended up installing the extreme signal yagi antenna in my attic, see photo - results quite good! I bought a kitz preamp (mast based) , with a passive monster cable spliter. I chose my attic, realizing I was sacrificing 10-30% signal because I promised my wife no more antennas on the roof (used to have a high mast and larger antenna) but I did add an 8' cband dish in my background, lol.
    This antenna is a good one! long about 82 inches long and slightly tricky to assemble but mfr. has an on-line video. oh the other antenna is an FM only antenna...anyone think their could be interference with the 2 so close together? thanks.

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  9. I'm interested in what you got with an attic install against *that* tvfool report - i honestly would have given up.
  10. with the extreme signal yagi antenna and the kitx pre-amp. on my attic mast - I have been able to lock in 100% even in poor weather, CH.30 wvit and the 2 sub chs. , well the first few days ch. 20 reception was descent in good weather, low winds and borderline when atmospheric conditions were less optimal. What I was surprised in was that fox61 from Htfd. and antenna tv was intermittent to watchable depending on weather. I still need to play a round with aiming of that antenna a bit, maybe to give up on ch61 and move the antenna east southeast a bit to stabilize ch. 20 a bit while holding on to wvit but bring down the signal numbers a few notches.
    mind you I am literally 1 mile east of danbury and like 8 miles from the Ny border near Carmel, NY.
    My intention is to add a second bowtie antenna and aim it at wzme ch.43 which isn't far from me but is another lower power station.
    If I recall correctly my tv fool report called for me to have a harder time locking in wvit.
    I still can't pick up wtnh on high VHF, which is not a bid deal for me.
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