Cinema (103): Fatal Instinct (aka To Kill For) Premieres 6:30pm & 10m EST Tonight

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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Fatal Instinct (aka To Kill For) (1992, Mystery)​

Sypnosis: Pretty formulaic plot - Detective Michael Madsen investigates the murder of a rich tycoon and his prime suspect is Laura Johnson, seductive lover of the man believed to be the killer. Director (and cameraman) John Dirlam gives the film a clever twist with style under George Putnam's screenplay. It works reasonably well due to good performances from both leads. It may not be the film alive, but I recommend it to anyone in the mood for a late night thriller.
Hi Sean

Just wondering why you feel the need to list programs on voom? We all have guides and zapto it when away from tv

I think the space could be used for more relevent messages IMHO :shocked
It's just an alert to the most relevants programs to those that have it and don't check and also gives a sense to those guests that are looking from the outside.
Yeah, I like the listings of the new movies as well!

Sometimes in the PG you tend to just flip thru the Cinema 10 quickly figuring they will likely be repeats anyways. It's nice to see Sean's posts, so that I can look out for any of the new movies that interest me.


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