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Hour of the Gun ** (1967, Westerns)

Aspect ratio 2.35 : 1

Summary: Until the release of Costner's Wyatt Earp and Russell's Tombstone, this was probably the most realistic and unglamorized retelling of the Earp/Clanton feud. The casting is solid with James Garner as a conflicted Earp, and Jason Robards fairly steals the film as Doc Holiday. It purports to tell the story "the way it happened", but there are a lot of inaccuracies that Earp historians can spot. The opening OK corral shootout was played as it was, quick and dirty.
There are major errors in the later story such as Earp killing Clanton in a final showdown (never happened), and the showdowns with various Clanton henchmen by in large did not happen the way it was portryed here. Doc is portrayed as being a northerner and much older than the young southerner which he was.
That said, Garner, Robards,Robert Ryan and a host of great western character actors and stars to be make this very watchable. The musical score is catchy and it is a western worth your time. The parting scene of Wyatt and Doc is very well done. Garner is very good as a driven Wyatt Earp.
Anybody know when this movie will really be on? Every time I try to watch it, I find Lust For Gold is on instead. Nothing wrong with Lust For Gold - I rather enjoyed it - but I'd really like to see Hour of the Gun.

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