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Sep 21, 2009
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Just curious to hear what anyone has to say about how Claire has turned into a Rousseau-like character?

- Both were pregnant, gave birth on the island and no longer had their child.
- Both run around with a rifle and set traps on the island.
- Both have messed up hair, raggedy clothes, a crazy gleam in the eye and
they both probably stink. :D

Also, it was a nice bit of humor they threw in when they had Ethan show up in the flash sideways as Claire's doctor; especially when he said, "Wouldn't want to stick you with a bunch of needles if I don't have to." I was LMAO over that. :D

I wonder if any of the other characters will take on familiar roles and in the end we'll see the whole cycle of the island start over again?


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Feb 26, 2007
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Looks like it to me. I think the show is going in the direction as to say that even though you may of set off Jughead and the plane landed back in L.A. safely (in the alternate reality), everything may not be as rosy as Jack would of liked it to be. I'm sure his wish is that everything would have been forgotten, but it looks like the characters fates may still end up being predetermined no matter what reality (the plane landing safely or the survivors back in the present on the island). Kate hooking up with Claire and getting involved in her adoption process back in L.A. is one example of this.

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