So. What's the deal with the Alt. Timeline? (1 Viewer)

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Pub Member / Supporter
Sep 29, 2007
NE Ohio
I hope they're going somewhere with it. I'd be disappointed if they're wasting all this time showing us what would have been.......

I have faith that TPTB know what they're doing, but I just don;t see where this is going.
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Too many cables
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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
I have a feeling someone along the way is going to have to make the choice between the two timelines and seal the fate of the island.


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May 13, 2008
Cleveland, OH
I thought interesting that last night Widmore talked about things being undone if Flocke got off the island. And here in the alternate timeline, Sun is shot an may be in jeapordy of losing their child.

I wonder if the alternate timeline is what happens if Flocke gets off.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 26, 2007
Torrance, CA
I think they're doing the alternate timeline over the course of the final season instead of trying to pack it all into the final episode. I think the final episode is going to be all about the history of the island (i.e. Jacob vs. Smokey) and the final conclusion. Don't want to waste too much precious time explaining how things ended up changing perhaps for the better for the characters (i.e. alternate timeline, which I think is what it really is).
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