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If you haven't tried this already, remove the Node entirely, and connect the Hopper directly to the LNB. That will at least tell you if the Hopper will recognize the dish. Without the Node, you would only have two tuners, but at least you should be able to get a satellite signal. Then, try reconnecting the Node, and see what happens. If that fails, you may need to replace the Node with another one.
Also if it matters the lnb is a eastern arc 1000.4 lnb
It won't have any effect on you current issue, but for aiming urposes, I'd suggest covering the far left and far right "eyes" with foil as you face the LNB. The far left one is for the no longer used 77 satellite but is close enough to the 72.7 "eye" that it's easy to hit the wrong one. Once the 72.7 satellite (center eye) is dialed in, removing the foil on the far right 61.5 satellite eye should find it pretty much dead on. For even better reception and easier aiming, I've switched all my eastern arc 1000.4 LNB's to 1000.2 dual "eye" LNB's. They fit the 1000.4 arm with just a minor mod to the plastic arm adapter.

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