Closed Captions stuck on?


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Feb 16, 2008
When I turned on my Dish 722 this afternoon to watch some NFL, things were normal. I happened to switch channels to a soccer game, and the closed captions were on. I checked the 722 menus (I am watching from TV 1, connected via HDMI) and it was off. I occasionally do turn them on, but they were indeed off. Now as I flip around more, I see more channels have CC on where I don't want them (right in the middle of the screen to boot!), and I can't turn them off. I explicitly turned CC on then off, and even rebooted the 722 but that did nothing. Anyone else seeing this problem?

(I did check that my TV did not have CC turned on and it didn't, but that really doesn't matter anyway because I am connected to the TV with HDMI.)
Good idea. They are indeed on TV2 as well. Or rather, were - the CC have gone off now. The problem channel was FOX. Who knows, maybe some FOX tech monitors the boards here? :)

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