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Jul 18, 2011
Maybe someone can solve this problem for me.
I have EARC with a 722 and everything works great. However, the cricket channels are moving from 61.5 to 118.8.
I have an old 4900 receiver connected to 2 24" dishes with legacy LNBF's and a SW21 switch pointed at 119 and 110.
So I changed the LNBF on the 119 dish to a FSS LNBF, and now I get the cricket channels on 118 and all my subbed channels on 110, but 119 has disappeared! I thought the FSS LNBF was capable of seeing both sats - 119/118?
Do I need a SW31 and another dish, or can I get the 3 sats with just the 2 dishes?
On the set-up screen for the 4900, do I select 2 sats, 3 sats, Full or Alt options?
The ideal solution would be to connect the 118 to the spare input on the EARC system, but I read in the manual that it is not compatible with a legacy LNBF.
Does anyone know how to configure this without installing another dish? My wife will divorce me if I install another one.

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Nov 17, 2003
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I will assume you're not in the states.....if you were all you'd have to do is call Dish and they can get you set up properly (checking your previous posts I see you're a snowbird) ;)

The aftermarket 118/119 LNB WILL NOT work with Dish. That was originally designed to steal using a free to air receiver..plain and simple.
You will need the Dish approved 118/119 LNB. You can plug the 118 output into the EA dish but it wont work on the 4900 since that is Legacy

Another option is to get rid of the 4900 and upgrade to a 211. Then it will work on EA and you have those 2 extra dishes to use as you please ;)

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