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Apr 18, 2008
Washington, D.C. (September 30, 2011) -- Television Games Network, the horse racing channel, says it's now asking race tracks to switch to High-Definition broadcasts so TVG can launch a HD simulcast channel.

The Daily Racing Form reports that thus far, only one TVG-covered track, Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington, Kentucky, is now broadcasting in high-def. However, TVG said in a press release yesterday that the Del Mar race track, which is based in southern California, will pursue a high-def broadcast as well.

TVG yesterday announced that it has signed broadcast agreements with Keeneland and Del Mar through 2016 and that the two tracks will work with the channel to get more tracks on board for HD.

TVG is now available in standard-def in roughly 36 million homes. TVG CEO Stephen Burn told the Racing Form that he will begin surveying racetracks over the next several weeks about their interest in investing in HD equipment.

“Much of this depends on whether we can get a critical mass of customers that want to broadcast in HD,” Burn told the newspaper. If we can get that, then we can go to the satellite and cable networks and fight for bandwidth.”

If TVG launches a high-def channel, it will have to battle to get bandwidth-strapped cable and satellite operators to add it.



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heh good luck with that.
I know TVG likes to show as many racetracks as they can but most wont upgrade to HD. Heck if you've seen the Racetrack Network feeds (the ones that dish sells for $50 but use to be free on KU Band) the feed in SD is youtube quality at best in some cases.

I just dont see some gambler sitting in front of his TV going "dammit...why isnt this in HD"

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