College Sports TV and The NFL Network


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Sep 7, 2003
Is Dish even considering adding College Sports TV and The NFL Network? I've grown tired of new sports channels being added to DirecTV, and Dish not adding them. I'm also quite tired of Charlie claiming no one wants any of the new channels. I left Comcast digital cable mainly because they wouldn't add Fox Sports World or ESPN Classic. I'll give Dish til my next bill is due, to announce they intend to add these channels, or I'll switch to DirecTV.
I agree. It's getting old. The thing is that I've sent several emails to Dish about a new Multi Sports pack for $10 or $11 a month like DirecTV's that offers all of those channels including Fuel and things like that. Unlike DirecTV, Dish could keep the $6 package as an alternative to those who just want the basic RSN's. There are 3 or 4 sports channels I would really like to have. College Sports TV, NFL Network, Fuel, and Horse Racing TV (looks a LOT better than TVG). I just like watching the races.

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