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Sep 7, 2003

I can't believe Dish has yet to add CSTV. I left Comcast Digital cable for Dish, when Comcast wouldn't add Fox Sports World or ESPN Classic. DirecTv has had CSTV for a while now, and will be my new DBS provider come December, if Dish doesn't add it.
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Yea, CSTV is cool. I just wish that it was closer to ESPN on the channel list than it is. I guess I could set up a favorite list, but I'm lazy.
I've been waiting for Dish to add this channel all summer and as you see I'm still waiting.

I can't imagine CSTV are asking too high of a price, but they may soon if they land a big conference contract.
What exactly is on the College Sports Network .. specifically .. since I realize sports is on it. I know Dish doesn't have it yet .. but is there a chance it will be added ... or will it be the cost issue again!

Nice site .. just registered.

They have a lot of Div-IAA and Div-II football games. Its a blast to watch because the games are so exciting. I think I saw a promo for the Fordham at Lehigh game this weekend. They are also showing volleyball and soccer right now.

If you enjoy college sports, its the way to go.
INHD debuts with at least one CSTV college football
gane a week & MLB INHD 3 times a week, tues,thur,&fri -contract thru 2005. This makes
INHD better than ESPNHD, now if Charlie would
wise up he could level the score.

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