Comcast to buy TechTV, combine it with G4


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Sep 8, 2003
Comcast to buy TechTV, combine it with G4

Jeff Baumgartner, CED

Comcast Corp. has agreed to buy TechTV from Vulcan Programming Inc. and merge it with G4, the MSO's video games and "gamer lifestyle" network. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The combined channel will reach 44 million cable and DBS customers when duplicative systems are taken out of the equation. G4 is currently in 15 million cable homes, and TechTV, which launched in 1998 as Ziff-Davis TV (ZDTV), is in 43 million. G4 founder and CEO Charles Hirschhorn will head up the new entity.

"This merger is a win for G4; a win for TechTV; and a win for our advertising and affiliate partners," he said, in a release. "The result will be one compelling TV channel that showcases the fun and entertaining side of games and technology with the distribution necessary to achieve broad appeal."

EchoStar Communications Corp. will also have an undisclosed equity interest in the new channel, and has already agreed to carry it on its America's Top 120 programming bundle as well as programming packages above it
I agree, seems like somehow the casts are rotated pretty quickly. B/T/W i havent watched in a bit but where the hell is patrick, seems like kevin has been filling in alot lately. Di i miss something and why did micahela perrera go to KTLA morning news? :confused:
on last nights screensavers leo said he was not hosting the show any more and would be a frequent visitor and give sage advice.he would continue hosting call for help which is moving its time slot to 6pm est.
Who is taking Leo's place? I heard him say that he would still be next door when they would be doing the show, just not be hosting it, but be on the show from time to time. He is still going to be doing Call For Help. Call For Help is going to be on at 7pm while The Screen Savers will be on at 8pm.

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