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Sep 7, 2003
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You are receiving this email because you have had a chance to experience
SIRIUS Satellite Radio at some point in time. We wanted to extend an offer
that SIRIUS is internally holding. Your friends and family can now get a
SIRIUS Satellite Radio plug & play system for $49.00 with a six-month
commitment. Follow the instructions below if you or someone else is
interested. The employee reference name is Rebecca Schnall.

Thanks again for taking the time to experience SIRIUS. I hope you are well.

Thomas Meyer

Due to the success of past programs, we are pleased to announce the creation
of a new Friends and Family offer for distribution to the friends and family
of SIRIUS employees, consultant and temps.

Your friends and family can save $100 when they order either an Audiovox or
Kenwood Plug and Play system with the option of a car or home docking kit
for $49.99 with a 6 month prepaid subscription.

In order to participate, your friends and family should:
* Call 888.601.6292 anytime and let the SIRIUS representative know
that you are calling as part of the exclusive Friends and Family program.
* Be prepared to provide promotion code 101 and the referring SIRIUS
employee's work email address for verification.
* Supplies are limited and orders must be placed by May 31, 2004.

Please visit the below link for more information, program flyer may be found
on the Intranet under the Human Resources Friends and Family section.


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Nov 18, 2003
Does anybody have any experience with either of the receivers available? Is one better than the other?


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Sep 8, 2003
Moreno Valley, CA
It should sound great if you use an auxiliary input. Those cassette adapter thingys work pretty well too. Avoid using an FM modulator as it will seriously degrade the audio quality.


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Sep 8, 2003
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Plug and play systems don't sound very good.

I couldn't disagree more. Using an aux input is very good, and the cassette adaptor sounds quite good. The FM modulator is a step down, but still sounds good enough for most people in a car with noise usually present anyway if you do not have another way to install it. The roady is with its higher audio output, a very good radio for this use.

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