Comcast to stop offering peacock premium free

Don in CT

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Dec 4, 2013
Central CT
According to the email I got from Comcast this morning they will stop offering complimentary Peacock Premium at the end of June. Meaning I have to pay extra for it now.
Thought there was already a thread on this? Anyway, I will be signing up for the $2.99 deal. I watch enough on Peacock it is worth it to me.
That is supposed to be for new customers only.
I bet if you cancel it would be offered to you.

I cancelled my Commercial Free Plan that I received for $30 during a Black Friday deal, no way I was going to pay $100, week later received a win back for $50 Commercial Free.

To be honest, the only reason I still have it is for Big Ten Football coming up, since it will have 12 exclusive games on Peacock, if not for that, I would just cancel it.