coming changes in kansas city because of the sell off

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  1. Rabbit Ears is showing the following changes are coming to Kansas City Stations.

    KMCI will move from broadcasting on channel 41 to 25
    KSHB from 42 to 36
    KSMO from 47-32

    That is all the changes I could see. I don't know when that will go into effect.
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    That just about covers most of the high power stations in the market. The other "big sticks" are already at 34 and below.. wonder what the LP's will do, especially KCKS, which already inhabits channel 25
  3. Also FOX4KC-WDAF looks like be changing Owners like to Sinclair so their could be some Sub Channel changes their. Their will might be other changes to Low Power ones or to other Sub Channels here in KC area switching channels or been added to KOIB DTV Anerica station because has none yet same with KUKC just Univision and Daystar channel.
  4. Where did you hear that Tribune is selling WDAF?
  5. Rumors for a few weeks have been that Tribune may be looking to divest themselves of some stations and/or Sinclair maybe looking to try and buy the Tribune stations. However they will need the Government to lift the ownership caps or figure out a way to work around that.
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  6. Charge,TBD,Light TV,Telemundo Sub Channel,Festiva and so on aren't in KC area yet.
  7. I wonder if Albuquerque's TV market made any news on repacking?:rolleyes:
  8. I see one of the local channels in Cincinnati is moving from rf35 to rf20. This means that WOTH-LD channel 20 is going to go dark and it sucks!
    Also one Cincinnati channel is moving to a current Dayton Channel's designation and another Dayton channel I get with a great signal is moving to the same rf as a Cincinnati channel. This really blows!
  9. I also seen that wise tv is going from 18 rf channel to 34 is that true? Fort wayne market.
  10. Speaking of the possible Tribune/Sinclair deal, does anybody seen anything if it's just a local stations possibility or would it still affect Antenna TV and THIS?

    I seriously don't want Sinclair to operate Antenna TV after seeing how they manage things.
  11. Sinclair operates Comet and I think they do a nice job with it

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  12. Yea that's what I was thinking also.

    I guess just their willingness to wipe out other network's programming to show sports is just frustrating.

    Though I wonder how they would seriously have enough tower space for Comet, TBD, Charge!, Antenna TV, THIS, and possibly ASN depending on it's fate.

    That's a lot of programming to squeeze in especially if somebody relies on cable due to bad OTA coverage to get carriage agreements for all of that.
  13. contacted KCKS-LP TV-25 and asked what they were going to do? The only response was we'll see.
  14. They'll still have their Louisburg feed on 22 and the Topeka feed on 26. Hopefully the FCC will grant them another signal on an open channel after KMCI moves to 25.

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  15. Comet is on KCTV5 and This TV/Antenna TV is on low power KCKS-LD that no Cable system in KC area has but one.
  16. This and Antenna are also on WDAF Fox 4. Tribune owned station
  17. Yes but no Cable provider in KC area has 4.3 yet same with 5.2.
    TV Guide OTA Listings for KC area shows Charge on 25.10.