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Oct 22, 2009
anyone can recommend me a commercial grade modulator/amplifier combo to use with my Dishnetwork receivers?

this is my setup. Dishnetwork receiver has channel 3/4 modulators but I have 6 receivers so I need to be able to modulate on 6 different channels to dsitribute those channels through the property.

I need an amplifier because I have many areas on the property such as deck, pool area, kitchen, garage, etc where I would like to watch any channel at any given time.

Many thanks to all the experts in this forum that help noobies like me!:D
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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
What receivers do you have all SD or HD a mix. IR or RF remotes how many locations are you trying to feed?

For 6 receivers you won't find a modulator and amplifier combination. You will probably have one amplifier and 2 to 6 modulators set to UHF Channels. Pico/Macom, Channel Plus, Channel Vision are some names you can search for. Don't expect it to be cheap, and don't expect this method to last very long now that digital TV is here.
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