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Jan 21, 2007
Okay, I have a new roof going up. I mean everything will be brand new, like plywood and insulation. I'm being proactive and having an electrician bring coax and grounding to the CommDecks with all the runs going to a closet for the time being. I need some advice with how many cables should go to each dish / antenna since I will distribute the signals at a later date from the closet. I have a pretty big wish list, my current legit DISH sub, FTA for 97°, OTA for locals. I was wondering if a DISH 500 hitting 82° and 91° could be combined with a DISH 1000 Plus so that DISH and BELL receivers could share the same switch(s). I want to emphasize that I have no desire to pirate anything, just legit subs on both sides. I know the dish for 97° will have to have its own run as well as the OTA antenna.

DISH DISH 1000 Plus (DISH)
DPP44 Switch
FTA Dish (97°)
OTA Antenna (HD Locals)
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Dec 12, 2003
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Dish 1000+ 4 cables

Bell 500 also suggest 4 cables

97 one cable but suggest a second just in case.

OTA one cable

No Bell and Dish can't be combined.

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