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Mar 13, 2006
Hello all, first time posters here...

We are wanting to get a dish since we don't have cable, but I am not sure I understand all the equipment/options. Here is what we are looking for:
1 room with HD and DVR (HD dvr if possible)
2 rooms with SD
Hd Silver programming package

We live in Central Florida (just outside of Orlando).

Is there a standard type of package that would encompass all that?

Is it recommended for us to try and find a local firm or just use The Dish Store or straight up with Dish?

Thanks for any info!
A 622 and a 322!
a 622 is dishnets dual hd tuner with DVR... A 322 receiver is the stander def. dual- tuner...The 622 offers 200 hours record time of standerd def. and thirty hour record for high def proggramming.
However even though it powers two tvs,you could only connect the one room if you wish... Dishnet will wave the additional outlet fee (i.e. second television) if a phone line is connected to your receiver.
As far as who u get the service from.. that all depends... Local retailers sometimes through in incentives, like free i-pods, or free surround sound systems...anyway you look at it.your still going to be paying pretty much the same for the proggramming.
HD prices are not cheap per month...!!!!
Hope this answered some questions....

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