Connect Diplexer to 721 Sat in 1 or 2?


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Jun 10, 2004
I just activated my Dish 721 dual tuner PVR yesterday acquired via the $249
upgrade offer direct from dishnetwork via the executive office. I paid $49 for installation through dishnetwork direct.
I'm using a Terk Diplexer to provide the Dishnetwork and Cable TV feeds to the 721. I connected the Diplexer Sat output to my 721 Sat 2 input and the Diplexer Cable output to the 721 Cable TV input.
This morning when I turned on my TV on channel 3 I saw no cable TV feed.
However when I powered on the 721 then powered it off the cable TV feed was available on my TV's Channel 3-69.
Does anyone know if the Diplexer Sat output should be connected to the 721 Sat 1 input instead of the Sat 2 input so that the cable TV feed is always available by default at my TV without turning the 721 on then off?
I'm not very familiar with the 721, but isn't there a TV/Video button on the remote?

If so, I think it would switch between satellite and the antenna input.
Hello SimpleSimon.
All dish receivers I currently own (501/811/301) will allow you to view the cable tv input when the receiver is off/standby. Turning the receiver on then selecting the TV/Video button on the remote or head unit is not necessary. I called Dish Tech Support and they don't think it makes a difference which 721 Sat input gets the Sat output from the diplexer.
dansvus77 said:
I'm confused, what is the real problem and what is the perceived one?
The preceived issue was the diplexer as relating to which sat feed / tuner. The fact that you were getting the signals you wanted "some" of the time told me there was no diplexer issue at all.

The real issue was in getting the antenna feed to pass-through to the 721's output when you wanted it to.
I moved the Diplexer's Sat output to the 721 Sat 1 input (From Sat 2 input) then kept the Diplexer's Video out connected to the 721 cable TV/Antenna input and the same problem occurs. In order to watch cable tv on my TV's RF Tunner I must power on then power off the 721. I don't think I should have to power on the 721, then select TV/Video to see Cable on my TV. If the 721 is off, Cable TV should be available by default on my TV. On my 501 I could watch cable TV without this power on/off procedure.
This may totally miss the mark of the problem you are having but you do know that the 721 requires two satellite feeds from your dish in order to operate. Not a satellite feed and a cable feed. I don't think this will work under any configuration. I do believe however on the back of the 721 there is a seperate input for "Cable/Antenna" that is seperate from the "Sat 1", "Sat 2" inputs. I may stand corrected on this as I am only using the 2 satellite feeds and no cable hook-up. Are you using some type of splitter to try and run the feed from cable over the same line as your first or second satellite feed. Also, have you been able to successfully run a check switch and have it find your two satellite feeds? Let us know.
That's weird. Mine is set up just like yours (don't know which input gets the diplexed/undiplexed signal). The TV/Video button works fine.

Maybe you've got a bum receiver?

Have you checked to see if you have the latest software release?
I have the latest software release.
I don't feed the cable straight to the TV because I want to have Cable available to my TV when I power the 721 off without having to chose another video input on my Sony TV.
However this morning, Cable TV was available on my TV RF Channels without having to cycle power on my 721. Can't figure this one out.
Got the answer for you on this one.
Just went though this myself a few months ago. I haven't posted it yet because I don't know exactly what is going on, but I have a pretty good handle on it.

For some reason, when you turn off a 721, video is passed though from the ant. in, and sometimes it is not and only black is available on the output. I am not sure, but I think sometimes it will switch from passing video and generating black after the unit has been off for awhile.

At this point, it seems totally random to me. I haven't been able to determine if it switches to black after a timer fires or some other event. It may have something to do with the video that is available to the ant. in at the time the 721 is turned off.

The one sure fix is to turn the 721 on then turn it off again. So far, my 721 has always passed video right after doing this.
Big Bob,
I believe you are completely correct on this issue. It is a random draw at best.
When I turn off the 721, 99.99% of the time I'm watching the dishnetwork satellite feed not the ant feed. So if I select the ant video before I shut down the 721 most likely the ant feed will be there when I turn on my TV the next morning. This morning the ant feed was there when I turned on my TV, last night I was watching dishnetwork when I powered down the 721. Well I'm not sending this unit back to get a reconditioned unit with the same and probably worse problems. Thank for the info .

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