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Jan 21, 2006
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Here is my scenario:
I have a DVR and a regular receiver and dual LNB (sat 119 and 101 -- DirecTV para todos). I bought a multiswitch at Home Depot (Leviton 3x4) and connected the two outputs of the dish (one from 101 and one from 119 that come out of the multiswitch from the back of the dish) to the two sat inputs of the new 3x4multiswitch and connected two outputs of the multiswitch to the DVR and one to the receiver. I had to throw ~ 80ft of cable from the multiswitch to the sat 2 in of the DVR (in order to be able to watch a channel and record another channel).

The problem is:
I can see channels from the 101 satellite and not all channels from the 119 satellite.

Question: Is the Leviton multiswitch not the one I should use? Which multiswitch do you recommend? What am I doing wrong??

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Jun 19, 2005
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You will need a 4x switch not 3x and there will be 1 set of inputs that says sat1 18v and 13v this will go to 101 and another set of inputs that say sat2 22k 18v and 13v this will go to 119.
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