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Jun 3, 2008
El Paso County Texas
Since I started with Orby about 3 weeks ago I had it only connected to the Winegard dish. I was afraid to connect my antenna directly to the DVR without a di-plexer (excuse the hyphen) as I know that current runs back up the cable to the LNB and I assume that would electrify the antenna, or worse.
I finally ordered a Skywalker commercial grade di-plexer from Amazon and connected it yesterday. My satellite strength seems to have dropped about 5 points but it is still around 85. The signal on the OTA channels of course varies due to their location but the ones I watch are all adequate.
At first the guide data was obviously PSIP. It went out either 6 or 12 hours at most and I recognized the same incorrect schedule on a couple of the sub-channels that I have become accustomed to . The ION guide has always been 3 hours into the future and I never figured out the problem with TBD channel as it does not appeal to me. I have written the ABC affiliate that carries ION but they have always been technically challenged.
I was very surprised this morning to see that the locals guide is obviously from the satellite. It is now 2 weeks out and the ION problem has been corrected. It was a pleasure to integrate some of the OTA channels into my favorites list. I would love to see network icons rather than 4.1 and 7.3 etc. but hey the price is right!
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