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Aug 13, 2007
I have a BUD, we just recently needed a new lnb so we had bought a BSC621. I am having troubles getting any signals. I think I have it installed correctly. The receiver tells me bad signals. I have an Orasat 5.0 and am not sure how to totally set that up. The book that came with it does not tell you about everything. Do I need to download anything to it first? :confused:This is new to me and there is nobody around my neighbor that works on these. Unless I want them to travel 400 miles one way. I am new to this and the harder I try to set this up the more confused I get. Any help or advise would be appreicated. :)
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 20, 2006
Rison , Arkansas
:welcome to the group

depending on what satellite you are pointed at and what band you are trying to receive. you shouldn't need to download anything to get FTA .... in the setup menu you should find some of the listed items below.

LNB type ( standard, universal, user)
LO (5150, 9750,10600,10750,11300)
22k (on off)
DISEqC (1.0,1.1, off, none)

these are what you can use
C band LO is 5150
ku band LO is 10750
most receivers use the setting standard / single for a standard lnbf
the BSC621 is a c/ku standard lnbf that if using one coax uses a 22k switch so if the setup menu the 22k is set 0 (zero) or off then you will get C band , if its set to 22k or ON then you will get ku

i usually set up 2 satellites for each one , one for c band and one for ku, so it might look like this

87 W AMC 3 C band
87 W AMC 3 KU band

makes twice as many settings in your satellite list but you don't have to go and manually change it everytime

hope this helps
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Please reply by conversation.

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