Connecting hr24/h24 equipment to the internet

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Oct 1, 2010
I have a h24, hr24 DVR, and a standard receiver setup that I would like to connect to the Internet.
I have internet, and a wired router- the router is 5 feet away from the H24 receiver. This setup haswhole house DVR/MRV. The directv site says that I need to have an installer come out to hook it up to the net.
A I have a cat 5e ethernet cable, cant I simply hook the H24 up to the router and go from there?
B Will I lose the MRV function if I connect to the net?
C Will I be able to connect the H24 unit up to the net, or will I have to connect the HR24 unit to the net? - Thing is here is that the h24 is 5 feet away from the router, the hr24 unit is across the house from the router.


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Jun 27, 2007
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Your installer should have provided an Internet Connection Kit. But then, your are supposed to be clairvoyant and should have told the CSR that took your order that you wanted all the features, like VOD, to work. Silly you.

I'd call and maybe they will come back and do it right. I think the Kit may cost $25.00.

A. Yes but,
B. That's what I've read.
C. Actually neither. You connect the Kit into your DTV RG6 cable anywhere and into to your router via Cat5/6.

For example. I have a long run Cat5 from by DSL router w WiFi (it's upstairs because of WiFi) to behind my TV center into an 8-port switch. It then feeds a MediaPC, Slingbox, Roku, BD player, etc. My Kit is behind all this mess. It plugs into AC, the Switch, and my DTV RG6. I previously had two runs to my HR20 but now only need one as I was swapped to a SWM LNB. The spare goes into the Kit. Near as I can tell the "Kit" is just another DECA module. The LNB end is connected to a Power Inserter, the receiver end is connected to the un-used RG6 run to the Splitter near the Dish, and the Cat5 end to the Ethernet Switch.
Please reply by conversation.

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