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Jun 1, 2004
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This isn't really a 522 question but it does involve a 522 (or six) Mods pls move if appropriate.

Yesterday we had a huge downpour which left my 522 with no signal.
After the rain stopped the receiver kept rebooting trying to aqcuire a signal but wouldn't lock, anyhow after the 5th time I tried unplugging it for 15 mins and trying again - exactly the same thing happened.
I called DN who had me try to reset the receiver but it wouldn't get out of this rebooting loop it was in they shipped a replacement to me which should be here tomorrow. I also asked him if we could cancel if my wife wanted to (She's sick of the whole thing re: )
and was told that we could.
How difficult is it to cancel my DHA? I honestly hate to but we've spent more time waiting for replacement parts and trying to get this thing installed than we've spent watching TV.

Thanks all.
Sorry for all of your troubles. Believe me, I know how frustrating it can all be.

Cascade said:
How difficult is it to cancel my DHA?

I haven't done it (yet), but I imagine it's quite easy. Since there's no commitment under your plan, you just send their receivers back to them (it's my understanding they'll pay for shipping) and you'll be done with them. Best of luck to you.
Hmmm. This sounds like flooded cable connectors - check your installation. Got drip loops?

If you find that water is getting in, please make sure you yell and scream bloody murder to E* and the installation company. It's the only way we have any chance of weeding out the crappy installers that give the rest of us a bad name.

While you're at it - check for proper system grounding.
The guy who installed my DN was pretty good, drip loops, compression connectors - the works. However he didn't ground the dish/pole, I did that the next day when I bonded it to the footing of my soon-to-be radio tower.
Simon, if you read the other thread I linked to, what would you do in my situation?

Thanks :)
SimpleSimon said:
Hmmm. This sounds like flooded cable connectors - check your installation. Got drip loops?
What are drip loops? Sounds like loops in the cable so water doesn't travel down it, but I'm just guessing. My intaller didn't put any loops in the cable run. Wonder if I'll have problems if it ever rains in Phoenix again.
If the installer actually used snap and seal connectors there is no reason to worry about water screwing up you connection.... Go figure..
When you call DISH to cancel the CSR is supposed to give you the procedure. Basically DISH will send you boxes to put the equipment into. You have to remove it or pay to have it removed the boxes come with a prepaid UPS shipping label to return it to DISH free of charge.
if you went through a retailer, check & see if you have any 3rd party agreements with the retailers. even though dish has no contract directly, retailers want to recover their money back for the install. also the retailer should collect your equipment if within 180 days i believe.

if you went through dish directly, they'll send boxes & prepaid labels, so all you'll have to do is ship back the recievers, remotes & the lnb.

make sure you keep your ups tracking number when sending back the equipment!

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