Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

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  1. congrats guys!
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  3. Congratulations guys! Please tell us how you like them once you get them.
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  4. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS !!!!! ENJOY :crowdbounce:everybodydance:grinbounce:happydance:yessign
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  5. Congrats winners.....and thank you Dr. HD for the goods & Titanium thanks for the contest! We love these. Best Hobby I have.
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    Thank you Brian, and DR.HD!!!!!:happydance:everybodydance:grinbounce:yessign:yessign:yessign

    Edit: PM Sent. :D
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  7. Thanks Brian for the great contest!
  8. PM Sent, Thanks Brian & to Dr, HD METER for the Contest, really was shocked to see my name, got a new Toy to play with now if it ever quits raining everyday! Everybody dance maybe it will kill some of my grass!
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  9. Congrats, Winners!!!
  10. Congrats jcd270 and babadem!! Thank you titanium for the contest!!
  11. Congrats to the winners.
  12. Thanks Brian for running the contest!
  13. Congratulations to jdc270 and Babadem !!!

    First of all, I must say my THANK YOU to Brian! I had honor to meet Brian, and I provided these items to him. Without him this contest wouldn't happen. Yes, we've provided these sat-meters and we've put some NA satellites and providers in the software, but it was Brian who has been spending his own time upgrading the satellite settings, making them more user-friendly for NA, etc. We all must appreciate that.

    Of course, we're glad to know that there IS interest in Dr.HD satellite meters in USA and Canada! I hope that the winners would appreciate the fast real-time spectrum, compact size, aluminum housing, special bag provided, etc... And, of course, the Satellite ID function, which we are proud of. We have video about that useful function on Yo*Tube, so if you haven't done so already - take a look, and you'll see how to take advantage of the Live Spectrum and Satellite ID features of Dr.HD 1000. These features are very useful, especially when you need to install motorized dish, or tune to some off-the-beaten-path specific satellite. Please note that current firmware is updated, so on-screen display looks different to one in video, as more functions are there now. Now allowed to post that video link, but it is called "Set up dish to any satellite,fast & easy,using live spectrum and Sat ID on Dr.HD 1000S meter/finder". This video is better way to understand how to use the meter, compared to reading the manual.

    In case there
    are more questions from winners, and/or support is needed, please contact Brian, and he will forward to me. (I hope Brian don't mind.) You can also PM to me here, but no promises regarding reply time, unfortunately I don't come here often.

    So, congrats to the winners, again, and I hope that we will have more competitions after new products are ready, hopefully before Christmas!
  14. You can say youtube here. :D
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  15. Got Meter this morning, but at a motorcycle rally in Sturgis Ms., have to play with it another weekend!
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  16. Thank you Dr.HD! This thing is built like a Military Tank! It looks and feels beautiful. I'm going to enjoys this! Brain thanks for being the bridge between us and Dr. HD and for the contest!!! :D
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  17. Right on to the winners. Love to see the meter in action!

    Found the video.
    This meter is freaking cool!!!!!!

    Do you have anyone in North America I could buy a meter from? I see no one listed on your web site.
    Is the meter able to see 32APSK feeds?

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  18. Hi All,

    A little late to the party, but congratulations to the winners.
    Also thanks to Titanium and Dr. HD for creating this contest and keeping the momentum going.

  19. Dr. HD has just asked if we would stock meters for North America buyers and we are starting to work on the distribution details. :)

    Hadn't considered selling meters, but this is a quality product with very advanced functions that aren't offered on other meters.

    Will let you know when we work out the details.
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  20. Yes do it!!! Brian you know members here including myself will by one. Fall/Winter time is a good time to signal hunt!
  21. Congrats to the winners. Hope you have fun. Thanks Brian and DR.HD for the contest.
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