corporate will not repond to my emails about the 811


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Sep 25, 2003
i'm loseing faith with Dish Network cause they will not comunicate with me at all. They have now canceled 3 install dates for the HD in box and haven't responded to an email or called since DEC 19th . If I don't hear anything from them today I will cancel the hd in the box and look at other options. This is not the way to run a company !
I am starting to feel the same way. I can't believe that I am saying this, I was a "die-hard" Dish guy.

I called and/or visited 3 local retailers today, none of them have a date when they might be available. 2 of them told me a couple months. This goes for the SuperDish in my area too.

I wanted last years Superbowl in HD, if I stay with Dish...maybe 2005.

Let me know what other options you're looking at, I might follow you're lead.
I feel your pain!

I did the CEO email thing and I did get a response, they called about 20 minutes after I emailed them. I told them it was pretty sorry that nobody showed up or called on the first scheduled install date. Got a months credit.

My original date was Dec 26 but nobody showed up or called. (That's when I emailed them with a rant!) Was rescheduled for Jan 5th but still didn't get it as they had no 811's.

At least they called this time. Now will be later this week, Thursday or Friday they say.

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