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Jul 30, 2004
I recorded a show (Worlds most expensive Cars) on HD Theater today at 2pm CT on my 722k. Came back a few hours later to watch it and it was totally ruined. Video was fine, but the audio dropped out a few minutes in. I could see on my AVR that it kept switching from Dolby D to PLII Music mode, back and forth in half second intervals or so.

When it would recover, the audio was garbled, as if they were speaking underwater with an echo effect on top.

I've only had the 722k since last Friday, so I hope this wasnt a receiver issue and just something up with HD Theater feed.

I've noticed dropouts while watching Inception that I recorded a few days ago. Just 3 or 4 times over the course of the movie, and the dropouts lasted only half a sec or so. But nothing like the total audio corruption of the TV show I recorded on HD Theater.

I have the 722k connected from HDMI out into the HDMI In on my Onkyo ht-s894 AVR.

Also speaking of audio, anyone notice some lag on Epix2? I've had to adjust the latency on my AVR to 100ms for it to match the video, but its still not quite enough (the AVR only allows for 10ms increments from 0ms to 100ms). I noticed this also on MSNBC and I think Comedy Central. I wonder why increasing to 100ms on my AVR would work with almost all channels. I didnt really notice out of sync issues before but I guess I didnt notice. Watching EPIX2 though it was definitely out of sync. I would think by increasing sync to 100ms to correct Epix2 would make other channels that had no sync issues out of sync, but afaict they dont?

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