Cost to upgrade from DVR 522 to HD DVR? (1 Viewer)

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Nov 21, 2007
All of this pricing info is blowing my mind :) I'm trying to help out my mom who has Dish Network through AT&T.. actually has had it since 2004 when it was SBC offering it. In any case, she has an old DVR 522 and I've been searching on these forums for some information on how much it costs to upgrade.

I used to be Dish Network and liked it well enough but I dropped it like a bad habit when UVerse became available to me (sorry folks!) but before that happened in 2007 it cost me some $250 to do the same upgrade from standard to HD with the equipment and installation fees. On top of that I had no contract and they made me sign a 2 year agreement in order to let me upgrade. Ended up with a ViP 622 that ran hot as hell.

Well times have changed apparently with Dish Networks' billing structure... how much would that same upgrade cost today? Is it even worth it as an existing customer?
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