Country Music: A Ken Burns Film


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Nov 3, 2005
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Over a decade in the making, Ken Burns new film began airing last night on PBS. Presented in 8 parts, it covers the history of Country music. Episode 1 focused on the origins with roots in soul, gospel, European folk, etc., and ended with the Carter Family and death of Jimmie Rodgers. Very well told and presented.

Typical of Burns’ work. Much like “Baseball” it started out great when dealing with the distant past, but then turned political and racial when it got closer to the present. Still good, but turning the guilt-o-meter down a few notches, particularly when dealing with a subject where 90% of the white stars’ biography begins “Born into abject poverty in (Appalachia) (the Mississippi Delta) (The Central Valley of California) etc.” would be appreciated.

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