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Steven Van Meter

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Feb 4, 2010
Lodi, California
I'm working on installing a motorized Ku band Dish with Sonicview SV-360 Premier receiver.

For my location, I have sighted in on 120.0W -EchoStar 9 Ku for a southern reference point. This has good signal strength.

If I want to go to another satellite, the receiver has two menu options listed: 1) Go to reference or 2) Go to satellite position. Which of these will take me to another satellite?

Once I have my reference point dialed-in, will the receiver automatically know where the other satellites are located? Is it automated?

Finally, do I have to enter the latitude/Longitude for each satellite or are they already programmed into the receiver?

I'll be standing by for an answer... thanks in advance


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Jun 24, 2006
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The reference postion IS the zero position of your motor. The nearest Satellite to that should be your TRUE SOUTH sat. Once you have your USALS position set and you have a properly aligned dish ( elevation and azimuth) , then each satellilte in your antenna menu that has the positioner set to USALS should be automatically found.
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