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Jul 31, 2009
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As many of you probably did, I got an email and phone call from DirecTV indicating I could watch Couples Retreat for free. (They would send me a coupon in the mail for it later). The gal on the phone insisted that I pick a date and time to download it, indicating it HAD to be by Friday. Ok, download it Friday and we'll watch it this weekend.

So anyway, it never showed up on my list or in my DOD queue. So, tonight we selected from on demand and it instantly played. It shows that it was downloaded on Wednesday at 6:00 am. Here's the fun part, three minutes into the movie it says this:

"All or part of this program was not recorded due to a problem at broadcast time. Please wait while we scan the recording for viewable content."

It pauses for a minute or so, then quits and goes back to live TV. I can't delete it, because it doesn't exist on the list or queue. I did a red button reset, the problem remains. I called DirecTV, they said the only way to fix it is reformat my hard drive. They don't have anyway to delete the partial recording remotely. Obviously, I am not going to reformat for one stupid movie, but I would like to watch it. I can't re-download it. It won't give me that option.

Anyone else have a problem like this???
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