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Sep 7, 2003
Where the heck did that "why is cox digital cable better than satellite" section come from. Thought that was funny.

Mark Sorensen

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Sep 8, 2003

That is the LAST thing that they want. I suspect that their contracts demand carriage in basic tiers. And probably make a separate a la carte offering impossible or un-feasible.

If they actually had to justify their value. And actually SELL their subscription price to subscribers, and the subs actually had a choice (EG: Optional A La Carte purchase)..... I suspect that ESPN would have a serious problem on their hands....

Personnally, I'm glad to see Cox (and DISH is also known for it) show some resistance to the huge price increases....


Cox' whiny website is self-serving pap. Trying to enlist
the support of the public to help boost their bottom line
is the ultimate in corporate panhandling. Let the free
market determine the real value of ESPN and FSN.

Mark Sorensen

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Sep 8, 2003
Let the free market determine the real value of ESPN and FSN
That's pretty much what I said.

C'mon... economics 101 virtually guarantees that the kinds of big increases that these channels have been giving the carriers (Cable & Satellite), that the price increase ultimately goes to the subscriber.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, it is a game of hide the __________. Because the real "price" is almost always, if not ALWAYS, hidden in the "Basic Package". The subscriber has no idea how the costs really break down among the channels.

I'd guess that ESPN contributes far far more the price of a basic package, than it's share of real viewership supports.

IMHO, To truely "Let the free market determine the real value of ESPN and FSN" carriers (cable & satellite) would need to be allowed to break them out of the basic package, and let the subscriber decide if, based upon value and price, if they want to pay the price.

But, I dont believe that ESPN nor FSN would allow that to occur without a very big fight.... And a huge level of support from subscribers.


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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
FSN and ESPN can really fight tough because they can withhold carriage of a lot of other channels if they do not agree to the terms of the sport network. ESPN can hold back all the ABC channels and FSN can withhold all the fox channels.

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