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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 26, 2011
Unit was constantly rebooting this morning so I did a chat session. Tech started asking about an AV placed in the middle of tv to receiver path, because I said the screen was blue (no video out) so to get them back on track (it's rebooting, hello) I told them the joey couldn't connect to the H3 hoping this would make it clear it was not a video out/AV issue.

SWEAR TO GOD the tech asked " what's this H3 you are trying to connect to?".

They also asked if it was sitting next to a vcr. Seriously....a vcr? I said yup and it's top loading. Sitting next to my 8 track player.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 6, 2012
IL Suburbs
If you actually typed "H3" then I can see why they would not understand. That's not the real name and might have thought it was something else. Now, if you typed "Hopper 3" in the chat and they didn't know what that was then that is a problem.

But the VCR part, that's a little odd... :confused:
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